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culture Solutions Newsletter

No. 13 > September 2023

Dear cS friend, 

Whether you are an EU official, an artist, a cultural sector actor or a culture enthusiast, in this newsletter you will find the latest EU cultural relations news and trends as well as updates on our new projects, events and publications. The cS Explains section showcases cS work and cS Explores shares external content and opportunities. 

This time we also bring you the chance to co-author our impact story. Thank you for your attention and continued support,

culture Solutions team

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cS Explains


In October 2023, culture Solutions is celebrating its fifth birthday! On this occasion, we want to know what you think about our work so far towards the strengthening excellence of EU international cultural relations, and learn how to better serve your needs. The results will be used for the elaboration of an impact report, the update of our Theory of Change, and the creation of our next 5-year strategy.



Meeting of the Friends of the Protection of Cultural Heritage Network

 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural heritage 

Damien Helly, co-founder of culture Solutions, highlighted the organisation's mission, vision, innovation, and commitment to cultural heritage protection at the Meeting of the Friends of the Protection of Cultural Heritage Network at Hungary's Permanent Representation to the EU. This offered a valuable chance to share insights from culture Solutions' global heritage preservation work with key stakeholders.

Siena Cultural Relations Forum 2023

 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations 

The Siena Cultural Relations Forum 2023, hosted by the University of Siena's CREDO Centre and the Cultural Relations Platform, occurred from September 18 to 20, 2023, at Certosa di Pontignano. It convened a diverse group of policy makers, academics, and practitioners, including Alexandra Gil Taboas from culture Solutions, to discuss the future of cultural relations blending theory, policy, and practice.


 Space for dialogue 

 Digital & Trade  


This fourth episode of the miniseries Composing trustworthiness ponders on good practices, existing needs and visions for the future. A future where AI is part and parcel of society. Hopes but also major fears and questions that we must answer as a global community in order to build together the AI-enabled diverse, fair and interconnected tomorrow.



 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations 


Ce rapport d’événement présente le contenu des débats du 27 juin 2023 autour de trois thèmes : évaluation, l’Ukraine et la géopolitique et l’agenda 2024. Il présente également des conclusions claires et la voie à suivre pour les relations culturelles extérieures de l’UE.



cS Explores

EU policy and politics

Culture as a Global Public Good: Member States Rally for Culture as a Stand-Alone Goal in Post-2030 Agenda

 Climate & New Bauhaus  Article release by UNESCO

Preservation and development of Ukrainian culture, education, language, and traditions in EU states

 Cultural relations  European Citizens' Initiative

Letter of concern regarding the 2024 Creative Europe budget cuts

 Cultural relations  Letter by Culture Action Europe

Hearing of Commissioner-designate Iliana Ivanova 

 Cultural relations  Press Release by the European Parliament


ProCultHer-Net Technical Bulletin June 2023 

 Cultural heritage  Newsletter by Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network

Common Ground Summer 2023

 Cultural relations  Publication by the European Cultural Foundation

The Complexity of Post-colonial Heritage and Tourism

 Cultural heritage  Cultural heritage Article by HERILAND

World Heritage: a unique contribution to biodiversity conservation

 Climate & New Bauhaus  Publication by UNESCO

Cultural Mobility Flows Between the United Kingdom and the European Union

 Cultural relations  Publication by On the Move


International Cultural Policy Conference

 Cultural relations  05.10.23 Conference by Right to Culture

ENCATC Congress 2023 - Artificial Intelligence Embraced: the future of cultural and creative sector - Artificial Intelligence Embraced: the future of cultural and creative sector

 Digital & Trade  11-13.10.23 Congress by ENCATC

Embracing Living Heritage: European Heritage Days Events Continue in Five Countries

 Cultural heritage  Ongoing Local events by European Heritage Days

Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra to regroup this summer for a tour of major European festivals and cities

 Cultural relations  Concerts by The Metropolitan Opera

9th World Summit on Arts & Culture

 Cultural relations  Report and recordings by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies

European Heritage Awards Ceremony 2023 in Venice: 5 Grand Prix and Public Choice Award unveiled

 Cultural heritage  Press release and recording by Europa Nostra 


Migrating Minds: Journal of Cultural Cosmopolitanism

 Cultural relations  13.10.23 Call for papers by Migrating Minds

International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management AIMAC

 Cultural relations  31.10.23 Call for papers by International Association of Arts and Cultural Management

EUNIC Cluster Fund 2023

 Cultural relations  06.11.23 Call for proposals by EUNIC

ZMINA: Rebuilding. The first call for proposals for international projects

 Cultural relations  07.11.23 Call for proposals by Izolyatsia platform for cultural initiatives

The views expressed in cS Explores do not represent the official position of culture Solutions.


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Photo credits (top-left to bottom-right)

1. Narcís Sans Prats. Ballet at the Municipal Theater.  Ajuntament de Girona. CC BY-NC-ND. 2. Three pairs of girl's practice ballet shoes. Victoria and Albert Museum. CC BY. 3. Suomalaisen oopperan baletti, keskellä balettimestari Georg Gé. Museovirasto. CC BY. 4. U. A. Saarinen. The Royal Ballet, Stockholm Ballet, "Ballet dances" in 1956Museovirasto. CC BY. 

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