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culture Solutions Newsletter

No. 12 > July 2023

Dear cS friend, 

Whether you are an EU official, an artist, a cultural sector actor or a culture enthusiast, in this newsletter you will find the latest EU cultural relations news and trends as well as updates on our new projects, events and publications. The cS Explains section showcases cS work and cS Explores shares external content and opportunities. 

In this summer edition we focus on our successful roundtable event in Brussels, as well as some recommendations for must reads during the holiday season. Thank you for your attention and support,

culture Solutions team

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cS Explains


Policy directions in EU international cultural relations, towards 2024

 Space for dialogue  Cultural relations 

On 27 June 2023, culture Solutions, in collaboration with MEP Mrs Salima Yenbou, organised a select roundtable on the theme of “Policy directions in EU international cultural relations, towards 2024”. The event gathered more than 50 key Brussels-based policy-makers, networks’ representatives and professionals from the cultural field. The roundtable offered a multi-stakeholder space for dialogue on the place of cultural action in the EU external policies agenda.

This Event report presents the content of the roundtable debates, focusing on three themes: taking stock, Ukraine and geopolitics, and the 2024 agenda. It also summarises clear conclusions and way forward for the EU’s external cultural relations. 


Find the full agenda of the Brussels roundtable (panel, discussion and informal drinks), panellists' presentations, photos and a video wrap-up of the event on our website, as well as on our newly-launched YouTube channel.



 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations 


This podcast episode provides a rich set of lessons learnt and good practice in cultural projects management for all those interested in Turkey-EU cultural relations, in the context of Erdogan’s electoral victory. Now also as YouTube podcast.



 Information sharing 

 Cultural heritage 

On 10 May, our collaborator Ina Kokinova spoke about cultural heritage and international relations in the podcast entitled "El Emisario del Patrimonio" published by the Asociación de Jóvenes Profesionales por el Patrimonio Cultural (AJPC). Listen on different podcast platforms or YouTube.



 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations 

After the EU-CELAC Summit on 17 and 18 July 2023, this blog post focuses on bi-regional cultural cooperation at the official level. In particular, it examines the New Agenda for EU-LAC relations and the role of Spain, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council. 


 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations 

This second blog post moves on to uncover the flourishing EU-LAC collaboration at the grass-roots level. Drawing from the key take-aways of the EU-LAC Forum, the analysis proposes a list of recommendations for strengthening bi-regional cultural relations. 


cS Explores

EU policy and politics


Recalibrating the Compass: New Approaches to Asia-Europe Cultural Relations

Cultural relations Publication by ASEF Culture

Reports on Ukraine, North Macedonia, Palestine and Jamaica

Cultural relations  Publications by Cultural Relations Platform

Culture and democracy, the evidence

Cultural relations  Publications by European Commission

Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO)

Cultural heritage  Post by Europa Nostra 

Youth, Independent culture and Democracy

Cultural relations  Event kit by Reset! network

ENCATC Cultural Policy Tracker 2023-4

Cultural relations Publication by ENCATC

Reports on Jewish cemeteries of Eastern Europe

Cultural relations  Publications by Foundation for Jewish Heritage

On the Front Line: Artists at Risk, Artists Who Risk

Cultural relations  Publication by Salzburg Global Seminar

Eurocities Lille Call to Action for low carbon and more inclusive culture

Climate & New Bauhaus  Publication by Eurocities 


European Cultural Heritage Summit 2023

Cultural heritage  27-30.09.2023 Event by Europa Nostra

Cultural Mobility Forum 2023

 Cultural relations  Resources by On the Move

First Regional Expert Consultation on Intercultural Competencies for Peacebuilding: Europe

Cultural relations  Recording and summary by UNESCO

City talk: “Inclusive public space: is placemaking the solution?”

Cultural relations  Recording and summary by Council of Europe

Belgrade Heritage Forum

Cultural heritage  Event highlights by Europa Nostra


Abstracts and workshops on Transforming through co-creation: participatory heritage practices tackling urban challenges

 Cultural heritage  28.07.23 Call by Faro Convention International Conference 2024

Call for Curatorial Proposals: The European Pavilion 2024

 Cultural relations  03.08.23 Call by European Cultural Foundation

Moving Narratives

Cultural relations  10.08.23 Mentorship by Prince Claus Fund and the British Council

Open Call For Artistic Residencies In Poland And Tanzania

Cultural relations  31.08.23 Call by DECONFINING

Call for expressions of interest for Fest: cultural and artistic activities at the Festival of the New European Bauhaus, April 2024

Climate & New Bauhaus 15.09.23 Call by the European Commission

Call for mobility grants for artists and cultural professionals residing outside capitals

Cultural relations  25.09.23 Call by EU4Culture

Survey on Cultural Heritage and Dialogue

Cultural heritage  Survey by researchers from Victoria University of Wellington and Newcastle University

The views expressed in cS Explores do not represent the official position of culture Solutions.


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Photo credits (top-left to bottom-right): 1. Nicolai AbildgaardThe Revival of Learning, the Invention of Printing and Gunpowder and the Discovery of America. National Gallery of Denmark. CC0. 2. Surprise attack on Cajamarca 16.11.1532 (photo of the painting). Finnish Heritage Agency. CC BY. 3. Collar, Peasant, Sarape. Museum of Ethnography. CC BY. 4. View of Salvador da Bahia in Brazil by sea side, copper engraving. Deutsche Fotothek. CC BY-SA.

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