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culture Solutions Newsletter

No. 11 > May 2023

Dear cS friend, 

Whether you are an EU official, an artist, a cultural sector actor or even a culture enthusiast, in this newsletter you will find the latest EU cultural relations news and trends as well as updates on our new projects, events and publications. The cS Explains section showcases cS work and cS Explores shares external content and opportunities. 

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cS Explains


(Re)generating trust podcast mini-series

 Space for dialogue  Cultural relations 

In this mini-series we tackle the not-so-obvious link between youth and culture. Why is it important to give youth a space in the cultural sector? How can the EU institutions and member states do it? Youth is an advocate for culture and creative skills, able to regenerate societies and trust in institutions. This series is a platform for young professionals from the cultural sector and European initiatives who support them to expose their work and formulate their recommendations. 

 Space for dialogue 

Cultural relations 

In the first episode of the series, we hear inspirational examples of artistic and cultural collaboration between Europe and Rwanda and learn how European cultural centres can act as bridges for youth in culture.



 Space for dialogue  Digital & Trade 

In the third episode of the mini-series Composing trustworthiness, we dive deep into our core topic: the impact of Artificial Intelligence on International Cultural Relations, and the way this disruptive technology drives or impedes relations with partners around the globe.



 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations 


On 30 May, our co-founder Felipe Basabe is taking part in the roundtable orgainsed by the Club Alumni de Impacto Social of the Comillas University. The event explores the different experiences of the public, private and third sectors in measuring and funding social impact in the cultural sphere.



 Information sharing 

 Cultural relations 

April and May have been filled with world days celebrating culture: Heritage Day, Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, Museum Day, Living Together in Peace, Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace... Check the full list and their significance.


cS Explores

EU policy and politics

Culture, audiovisual and education Council, 16 May 2023

 Cultural relations  Results of Council meeting

Creative Europe: 3 new projects to support Ukrainian Culture and Cultural Heritage

 Cultural heritage  Funding by the European Commission

New European Bauhaus prize finalists
 Climate & New Bauhaus
 Programme by European Commission

Statement from President von der Leyen on the resignation of Commissioner Gabriel

 Cultural relations  Press release by the European Commission


Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2023

 Cultural relations  Yearbook by On The Move

Technodiversity as the key to digital decolonization

 Digital & Trade  Blog post on UNESCO Courier

Compromise or be Compromised: Heritage as a Conflict of Values

 Cultural heritage  Blog post on Heriland


3D in cultural heritage and international institutions in the digital age

 Cultural heritage  05-06.06.23 Event by Istituto Svizzero


 Cultural relations  20.06.23 Capacity-building by ENCC

9 May Europe Day '23

 Cultural relations  Recording by European Cultural Foundation


Culture Moves Europe call for residency hosts

 Cultural relations  15.06.23 Call by the European Commission

Call for External Evaluators of Créer en Afrique Centrale

 Cultural relations  23.06.23 Calls for applications by Interarts

Open calls for residencies

 Digital & Trade  Different deadlines, Calls for applications by S+T+ARTS

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Photo credits (top-left to bottom-right): 1. Gemeine Jeuchts Beeldt. Allegory of the Temptations of Youth. Otto van Veen. Statens Museum for Kunst. CC0. 2. Fountain of Youth. Ker Xavier Roussel. Finnish National Gallery. CC0. 3. Youth and a Mermaid, sketch. Albert Edelfelt. Finnish National Gallery. CC0. 4. Youth. From the series: The Four Ages of Man. Ditlev Blunck. Statens Museum for Kunst. CC0.

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