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culture Solutions Newsletter

No. 8 > November 2022

Dear cS friend, 

Whether you are an EU official, an artist, a cultural sector actor or even a culture enthusiast, in this newsletter you will find the latest EU cultural relations news and trends as well as updates on our new projects, events and publications. The cS Explains section showcases cS work and cS Explores shares external content and opportunities. 

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cS Explains


 Space for dialogue  Cultural relations 

Our Chair Damien Helly participated in the fifth and final meeting of ASEF's Recalibrate The Compass. The thematic roundtable brought together 16 experts from Asia and Europe to discuss how Covid-19 has impacted cultural exchanges and the funding resources facilitating them.


The EU's approach to Cultural Heirtage in Conflict and Crises

 Space for dialogue  Cultural heritage 

At the roundtable coorganised by culture Solutions and the EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), we reflected on EU's approach to protecting Cultural Heritage in conflict and crises, looked at case studies of protection and prevention from around the world: Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, Georgia, Palestine, Turkey, Haiti.


 Policy analysis  Cultural relations 

The post reflects on the key themes discussed in the final report of the Voices of Culture structured global dialogue on international cultural relations. The possible next steps emphasise the role of the EU entities in close partnership with CSOs and the global cultural sector.


 Policy analysis  Cultural relations 

Based on the speech given by Damien Helly at the European Parliament’s public hearing on EU international cultural relations in Brussels in July 2022, this blog summarises or analyses on the implementation of the EU cultural relations policy framework. 



cS Explores

EU policy and politics

Cultural diplomacy as a vector of EU external relations. New partnerships and role of CSO

 Cultural relations  European Economic and Social Committee

Tracking the EU Commissioners’ commitments: MARIYA GABRIEL

 Cultural relations  European Parliament

Heritage for the Future, Science for Heritage

Cultural heritage  Symposium by  French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and Foundation for Heritage Science

European Spaces of Culture in October

 Cultural relations  Update by EUNIC


Rethinking Heritage for Sustainable Development

 Cultural heritage  Book by Sophia Labadi

ENCATC Congress

 Cultural relations  Conference summary by ENCATC


COP27 culture side events
 Climate & New Bauhaus
 06-17.11.22 Events by different organisers

Euromed International Conference on Digital Heritage

 Cultural heritage  Digital & Market  07-11.11.22 Event by UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage

Culturopolis, International Days on Cultural Rights

 Cultural relations  16-19.11.22 Event by Culture Action Europe

Culture for Health Report launch
 Societal change  24.11.22 Event by Culture Action Europe


EUNIC Cluster Fund 2022

 Cultural relations  09.11.22 Call for proposals by EUNIC

Role of Art in International Relations

 Cultural relations  Submission deadline 28.11.22, Conference 15-16.12.22 by University “Mediterranean” Podgorica

Call for Contributions on Cultural Expressions

 Cultural relations  28.11.22 Survey by UNESCO Committee

Culture Moves Europe

 Cultural relations  31.05.23 Call for individual mobility by Creative Europe

NEMO mapping of museums in the energy crisis

 Climate & New Bauhaus  Map and information collection by NEMO

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Photo credits (top-left to bottom-right): 1. The Meeting. Ester Almqvist. Nationalmuseet Sweden. Public domain. 2. Landscape with Roman Ruins and the Meeting of Rebecca and Eliezer. Rijksmuseum. Public domain. 3. The Meal in Honour of Ambassador Cornelis Calkoen. Rijksmuseum. Public domain. 4. The Ridderzaal of the Binnenhof during the Great Assembly of 1651. Rijksmuseum. Public domain.

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