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No. 14 > November 2023

Dear cS friend, 

Whether you are an EU official, an artist, a cultural sector actor or a culture enthusiast, in this newsletter you will find the latest EU cultural relations news and trends as well as updates on our new projects, events and publications. The cS Explains section showcases cS work and cS Explores shares external content and opportunities. 

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cS Explains


In a world of uncertainty, crises, and technological change, we've stood strong, fostering EU international cultural relations and trust-building. Our multicultural team, fusing expertise and collaboration, created an independent, not-for-profit, social innovation group, dedicated to culture as the premise for a more diverse, interconnected, and sustainable future. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to many more years of excellence in cultural relations!



Composing green #1: Agroforestry and worldviews

 Space for dialogue 

 Climate & New Bauhouse 


This first episode of the mini-series Composing green presents agroforestry as part and parcel of cultural action and EU international cultural relations. Agroforestry has been practiced for thousands of years but has been almost forgotten by industrialised societies. Yet, agroforestry has a very significant role to play in climate action, Green Deal-related objectives, biodiversity loss, etc.  



 Space for dialogue 

 Climate & New Bauhouse  

On November 9, culture Solutions, in collaboration with Talk C.E.C and Smarter Together, co-organised a roundtable on the role of culture in climate awareness. Supported by the EU4Ocean Coalition, the event highlighted the significant impact of culture and art in shaping perceptions and mobilising communities for collective climate action.


Extraordinary General Assembly

 Space for dialogue 

 Cultural relations

The 2023 Extraordinary General Assembly of culture Solutions, with members from four continents, reviewed the organisation's first 5 years and set the stage for strategic planning. The assembly also engaged in a insightful discussion on the current international cultural relations landscape.

 Space for dialogue  Digital & Trade 

The ENCATC Congress 2023, which took place in Helsinki, Finland and online between 11-13 October 2023, delved into how AI is impacting the cultural field, education, and research. Ina Kokinova from culture Solutions presented the results on EU external cultural policy in the age of AI, exploring both the challenges and opportunities for the cultural and creative sector.


cS Explores

EU policy and politics

EU Culture Ministers commit to a new Cultural SDG

 Climate & New Bauhaus  News by Culture Action Europe

Culture 2030 Goal Campaign applauds growing government recognition of the role of culture in development

 Cultural relations  Publication by Culture 2030 Goal

Joint Statement of Interest and Creation of 'The Coalition for Sustainable Development Through Culture and Arts.'

Climate & New Bauhaus Publication by Finance in Common

No cuts for Creative Europe under the 2024 EU budget 

 Cultural relations  News by Culture Action Europe


UNESCO planning virtual museum of stolen cultural artefacts

 Cultural heritage  Article by The Guardian

Cultural Mobility Flows

 Cultural relations  Report and recommendations by On the Move

The Missing Foundation: Culture's place within and beyond the SDGs

 Climate & New Bauhaus Report by British Council

A/78/213: Development and cultural rights: the international governance

Cultural relations Report by OHCHR


ASEF Link Up | Asia-Europe Cultural Diplomacy Lab: What went on?

 Cultural relations  Insights by Culture 360

European Culture & Creativity Days 2023 – when and where 
 Cultural relations 
Culture days by European Commission

UCLG Global Cultural Summit Dublin 2023

 Cultural relations  28.11-01.12.23 Summit by United Cities and Local Government

Faro Convention International Conference 2024

 Cultural relations  Conference by FCIC


Creative Europe call for European cooperation projects open

 Cultural relations  23.01.2024 Call for cooperation projects by European Commission

Pro-CCS: Microfunding Cultural and Creative Sectors European Conference

 Cultural relations  13.12.2023 Training by Culture Action Europe

New Call for Ideas - European Spaces of Culture

 Cultural relations  17.12.23 Call for ideas by EUNIC

British Colombia Environmental Film Festival (BCEFF)

 Cultural relations  31.08.24 Call for submissions by British Colombia


The views expressed in cS Explores do not represent the official position of culture Solutions.


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Photo credits (top-left to bottom-right)1. Francois Nardi. Canal Grande.  Școală franceză. CC BY-SA. 2. Martin Johnson Heade. Singing Beach, Manchester. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. CC BY-NC-ND. 3. Lucian Grigorescu. Peisaj / Peisaj la malul mării. Școală românească modernă. CC BY-SA. 4. Joaquín Sorolla. Paseo a orillas del marMuseo Sorolla. CC BY-NC-SA. 

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